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“First class today and I loved every minute of my time here. From the moment I walked in the door, I was welcomed with open arms. The Sound Bath + Mediation class was perfect for me today. Everyone should come for a visit (or more) here.” - Erin C. via Facebook

“The Refuge Meditation is an amazing place for the exploration of sound, mindfulness and yoga. Welcoming all those who seek the skills to sense the body and experience the therapeutic experience of attention this is truly a urban sanctuary for health and vitality.” - Matthew K. @ Southern Methodist University

”The Refuge could not have a better name - this studio is more than a place to come together for yoga or meditation. The Refuge offers a place to heal, deeply, and fully.

The classes, the community, it is real, it is worthy of more than a second glance at a business page.

Don't have a yoga mat? Provided!
Don't have fancy yoga clothes? Not required.
New to yoga and meditation? This is a beautiful place to begin.

See you there!” - Trai C. via Facebook

“Thank you SO MUCH for all that you've offered our SWA family this September. I heard some great feedback from co-workers who visited your studio and I had a lovely experience myself when I came by. I'm so grateful to have connected with you!” - Rebecca C. @ Southwest Airlines

"This is a place to meditate, do yoga, and connect with a positive community. The studio is intimate, clean and welcoming... The space has everything you need to feel comfortable.  What really is unique though are the people. Everyone who is anyone is the Dallas Yoga scene is either teaching here or taking classes. We ran into so many friends yesterday at just one class during opening day. I’ve never seen a yoga schedule so full of options! Definitely making this our studio." - Eisaiah E. via Yelp

"These classes are unbelievable. I’m empowering a better attitude every week at your spot. Thank you!" - Spencer M. via Facebook


candlelit kundalini yoga + meditation with Jennifer

Come open-minded leave happy and peaceful!” - student via ClassPass

"The space is so peaceful and the instructors are really about connection, with yourself and others!  They offer so much variety in way of workshops, Mediation classes, yoga classes, etc. You’re sure to find exactly what you are searching for.

The owners are present and live as authentic relatable models to making wellness living a integral part of your life. Give yourself the gift and attend whatever makes your heart sing!" - Angie G. via Facebook


crystal healing + meditation with Rachel

So glad this place is here. Thank you Rachel! ” - student via ClassPass

“What a beautiful space! Thank you for sharing this little refuge with the world!” - Lisa F. via Facebook

“First class today and I loved every minute of my time here. From the moment I walked in the door, I was welcomed with open arms. The Sound Bath + Mediation class was perfect for me today. Everyone should come for a visit (or more) here.” - Erin C. via Facebook


stretch + meditation with Katie

This was a great meditation that synced breathing with movement. So relaxing and such a wonderful class.” - student via ClassPass


deep stretch with Sean

Omg hidden gem.” - student via ClassPass


deep stretch with Katie

Great studio! Friendly environment. Deep Stretch was just what I needed and I loved that the instructor used oils. They also take care of cleaning mats and putting everything away. Great class.” - student via ClassPass


solar eclipse | a special astrological meditation with Rachel

Rachel is extraordinary and this was a really special class. She gets you in a super zen meditative space. The place is just gorgeous too.” - student via ClassPass


stretch + meditation with Leigha

Leigha is an amazing teacher The Refuge definitely lives up to its name. Great place to reconnect your mind & body and become more actively present and centered in your daily life.” - student via ClassPass

“Beautiful and tranquil studio with incredible instructors. I highly recommend The Refuge Meditation.” - Stephanie C. via Facebook

"Very intimate setting with authentic & deep people." - Jake K. via Facebook

"A place to heal, to shed your burdens, and to work on becoming the best version of yourself." - Edward F. via Facebook

"A peaceful, inclusive, and incredibly welcoming space! Rachel and the rest of the teachers are kind, knowledgeable, and excited to share a balanced and meditative practice. This is a great space to come as you are and leave with an open heart!" - Caitlin M. via Facebook

"Most authentic place I’ve witnessed in a long time." - Sha R. via Facebook

"So refreshing and fun!" - Anna Marie C. via StudioHop


yoga nidra meditation with Kirsten

Love this place!” - student via ClassPass

"The sound baths, meditation, restorative, and flows are so special here. What a great community!!" - Bianca R. via Facebook

"It’s a fantastic place!!!  Great teachers, great vibe, great people." - Peter T. via Facebook

"Amazing space, great quality class selection, wonderful people, and phenomenal zen experience!  Highly recommend to anyone looking for an invigorating, energetic, relaxing, and/or rewarding meditation/yoga experience!" - Taylor N. via Facebook


meditation + reiki with Danielle

What a treat! Lovely healing class in a gorgeous space. Really a gem. Danielle is wonderful and this venue is so soothing.” - student via ClassPass


stretch + meditation with Leigha

Grateful for this studio and its teachers.” - student via ClassPass


deep stretch with Sean

Sean was wonderful!!!!” - student via ClassPass

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